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How to complete your MindBody account.

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1. Click here to go to MindBody.  

2. Fill out your name in the “New to our site?” section.

3. This will pull up your existing but unfinished account. Select your account.

4. Complete the steps they provide to set up a password.

5. Your account should now be fully completed.



New clients

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Studio Liability Release
I hereby release Julia Viggh, Julia Viggh Yoga, and Boxborough Yoga Center from any and all liability arising from participating in a class or workshop provided by Julia Viggh Yoga. If I chose to attend a class or workshop, I cannot hold Julia Viggh, Julia Viggh Yoga, or Boxborough Yoga Center responsible for any or all injuries that may arise. I understand that by signing this document, the above mentioned cannot be held in any way liable for any injuries that may arise from participating in a class or workshop. I also release the physical location of 25B Stow Road from any and all liability. I understand that Boxborough Yoga Center exists in name only. It is the effort of two business owners of two separate businesses, Julia Viggh of Julia Viggh Yoga and Ann Seymour of Daring Dog Yoga, to house their separates businesses in one shared facility.

Existing Clients

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